We guarantee the quality of our work and that you will be satisfied with our services.Guaranteed Local SEO Satisfaction

Results Not Guaranteed.

We cannot guarantee results. With Local SEO we are working with third party businesses, websites and tools that we have no control over.

Permanent Links.

We cannot guarantee that every citation link we build for you will be indexed and will be permanent.


We do make mistakes from time to time – we are only human – and once found, we will do out level best to correct said mistakes. But we cannot guarantee outcomes.

Many Variables Not Under Our Control.

While we have had much success helping other local businesses “get found” by greatly improving their standing in local searches, every situation is unique. Variables like entrenched local competitors, existing business reputation, domain age and the age of the business are all contributing factors in the ability to rank well for certain keywords in local business searches. And we have no control over any of these variables, so we cannot offer a guarantee of a specific outcome, nor is a guarantee implied.


The amount of time it takes to see results is another variable we have no control over. Depending upon the many factors listed above, the time it may take for you to see concrete results in your search results and additional calls and new business varies widely.

Your established business reputation.

Your business reputation can be a huge factor in local SEO. If you run your business with integrity and take care of your customers, you will probably have few online complaints.

If, on the other hand, you have damaged your reputation with poor work, unhappy customers and many online complaints, then the road to online Local SEO success will be paved with boulders instead of cobblestones. In other words – it will be very difficult to secure a great local search ranking if you run your business poorly.

Your competition.

Some business niches can be quite competitive and difficult to crack – especially if the major players in your town take great care of their customers and have a ton of raving reviews to prove it. Chances are it may take much longer to rank in the top positions, and perhaps impossible to get to that number one position – at least in the short term.

If you have a competitor like this in your town, should you just give up and never even try? Not at all. Remember, there are up to 7 in the Google Places “pack” and several other spaces for directory listings and a website or two. If you can do enough good to get to the front page, you will start getting inquiries – you may just get a few less that the very top businesses.

And, over time if you stick with it, you may get enough great reviews and claim more citation pages than the top competitors, you may eventually claim that top spot for, yourself.

Besides, if you don’t start working on your Local SEO, I can just about guarantee that you’ll be in the same dismal position a year from now.

If you’re interested in getting your business “found” on local search engines, please contact us HERE. We’re not pushy, we really want to help your business succeed.

Remember – the better you do, the better we do. It’s just that simple!