My name is Dan Morton and I have been helping local businesses get leads, sales and new clients since 2010.

Local business SEOI’ve been in the trenches for local clients for years and I know what works. I see results in practically every business niche from lawyers to water damage to insurance agents to plumbers. I always am looking out for my clients’ best interests. When they are successful, I am successful.

And the local SEO system that I have learned over those years is without a doubt THE most effective way to grow your business on the internet.

You don’t need expensive “SEO Consultants.” You don’t need to spend a lot of money. And you certainly don’t need recurring monthly contracts with big internet marketing companies to “get your website to page #1 on google” either.

What you need is a local SEO system that works. Nothing fancy, no blackhat “tricks” or anything that could backfire and get your business de-indexed for good. What you need is a solid, proven and ethical SEO system that’s been proven, time and again, to get local businesses noticed by Google in their home markets.

Getting leads to your local business website is job #1 and we do it for clients all day long.

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Thanks and have a great day.

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